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We see ourselves as ideators and your collaborators. We do not just provide services, we deliver our works with a dash of creative buzz and edge.


Brand Director (EDG Consultant)

Tom is our certified PMC consultant and experienced digital and branding strategist with over 20 years of client experience in the banking, technology, consulting, and agency sectors. Currently, he is a BCG Rise Academy Trainer focusing on digital marketing and transformation, conducting masterclasses for numerous companies including DBS, Citibank, P&G, HP, Oracle, SAP, Intel, and AMD. In his spare time, Tom volunteers at the SME Center to help budding entrepreneurs in the start-up industry.


The Chief / CoFounder

Producer and Strategist with over 15 years of marketing experience in the digital and traditional space. Adonsia started selling handmade fashion accessories in her formative years to subsequently creating her own bespoke handbag label, aesthetics studios and even a video production house. Now, Adonsia hopes to use Media Unboxxed as a platform to forge new partnerships and create collaborative communities for growth. A zero sugar caffeinated junkie who loves spicy food. Her soft spot for animals has led her to participate in fostering dogs, searching for missing dogs and even feeding strays.



Prior to Media Unboxxed, Chris spent over 15 years as a legal counsel advising startups and MNCs on intellectual property, commercial and corporate matters. Now at Media Unboxxed, he is excited to merge his legal expertise with his love for design and branding.
Chris likes to think of himself as a “Legally Creative” individual, bringing a unique blend of left-brain and right-brain thinking to the table, and helping businesses reach new heights of awesomeness.


Account Director (Europe)

Gustavo has been working in digital marketing for the past 15 years. Having studied at the Digital Marketing Institute and Cambridge University, he feels fortunate to be residing in London now as it is a global hub for emerging businesses and a cultural treasure trove that draws the most extraordinary minds on the planet. His expertise is in brand development, customer journey, lead generation and paid advertising. Gustavo will keep doing what he loves the most: being surrounded by creative people and supporting his clients to achieve their goals with digital marketing.


Senior Digital Marketer

Born right smack in the digital age, Ashley have always been passionate about technology and its ability to connect people, and as a digital marketer, he get to use those connections to help businesses reach their goals.  In his current role, Ashley is responsible for creating and executing digital marketing campaigns, analysing data to understand customer behaviour, and staying up-to-date on industry trends. Outside of work, Ashley loves to spend time listening to his favourite music with a freshly brewed cup of coffee.


Digital Marketer

Hazirah started at Media Unboxxed as a Social Media Intern and has since advanced to a full-time Digital Marketer. As a digital marketing enthusiast, she is always looking for ways to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and techniques in digital marketing. Her never ending dedication to assist businesses in achieving success in the digital space is what keeps her motivated. In her free time, Hazirah enjoys playing badminton with her friends and watching Korean dramas.


Production Lead

Duncan has been passionate about cooking since he was young and so studied F&B Business so as to work towards becoming a great chef. However, after completing his diploma, he felt a stronger desire for something else and steered off to pursue his hobbies of photography and videography on a more professional level, and eventually landed at Media Unboxxed. Duncan enjoys an active lifestyle, from doing cardio, weightlifting, to even bouldering.


SEO Specialist

A tech nerd with a passion for creating content and developing strategies that will grow your business. Years of experience with SEO tasks, engaging customers and strengthening their SEO foundation. Austin spend most of his free time doing outdoor activities. such as tennis, swimming and his absolute favorite, scuba diving.


Senior Multimedia Designer

Dhea is a jack-of-all-trades designer who has been working in creative industry for the past 10 years with a passion for cats, gaming, and metal music. Outside of work, he can be found cuddled up with his beloved feline friends, immersed in his favorite video games, or headbanging to his favorite metal tunes. Fueled by black coffee, he always ready to take on new challenges and push the boundaries of his creativity.


Multimedia Designer

Octi has been working in the creative industry for around 5 years, helping clients to create social media content for multiple brands. She feels lucky being in creative industries where she can get the freedom to work from anywhere. She is passionate in video editing, photo retouching, and motion graphics. An introvert person who needs a good movie or book for healing. She loves keeping fit and workout is her stress release.


Multimedia Designer

Nabillah here, aspiring graphic designer with the ability to come up with creative ideas and concepts. Studied Multimedia Design with 2 years working experience. I love to draw since I was little, drawing helps me to express my creativity. I’m passionate about drawing as much as I am about designing. While animation is not my specialty, I’m aspiring to be a great animator someday.


Multimedia Designer

Hey, you can call me Dila! Can’t live without coffee and my cats. I’m highly interested in art and design, and will seek new chances to improve my skills, creativity and inspirations.


Senior Writer

A passionate wanderlust who travels to experience life and can’t get enough of it! Always curious always seeking, but also always ready to share. Joanne sees herself as someone who gives her all in doing what she loves. Writing is one of her greatest life interests. She believes that the right words can convey the right intentions, emotions, great ideas and help build brands. Being able to push boundaries and find the right voice for the brands she works with is important to her. She takes it to heart when she knows she’s part of that growth.



A passionate storyteller and love making words come to life. From social media copywriting to editorial content, she absolutely enjoys weaving words together that engage the readers.
Storytelling aside, you can always spot her hunting for good food, coffee and cafes. Photography and fashion are also other strong passions of hers.